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Home Fitness Equipment Service


Durst Cycle & Fitness has been selling and servicing fitness equipment since the 1960s. The fitness equipment available was not very complicated, and electronics were not very advanced...but we were here leading the way in Champaign County with our fitness expertise.  Durst Cycle & Fitness had already been selling and servicing bicycles, wheelchairs, and even lawnmowers for three decades at that point, and fitness equipment repair was a natural extension of that same professional service.  We only sold good quality equipment, and we still see some of those older models in for service many decades later.

Image of a technician repairing a treadmill 

 Fast forward more than 50 years and Durst Cycle & Fitness is still selling only superior quality fitness equipment, and offering superior service on everything we sell.  But we don't stop there. Here, at Durst Cycle & Fitness, we feel if a piece of fitness equipment doesn't work properly then it's our mission to make sure it does.  The variety of equipment and the complexity of design have changed over the years, and Durst Cycle & Fitness is up to the challenge.  Our factory-trained technicians have seen it all, and are ready to take care of your fitness needs.

We have always serviced what we sell, but we also service many brands we do not sell. If you have any brand or model of fitness equipment in need of service, contact us at Durst Cycle & Fitness to find out how we can help you.  We can analyze the problem and do what we can to help resolve the issue.  Not having to go to the gym by having quality fitness equipment in your own home is such a nice convenience.  Having it working properly is a must.  Call Durst Cycle & Fitness for all your home fitness service needs.

Durst Cycle and Fitness, Image of Fitness Equipment

Commercial Fitness Service

Durst Cycle & Fitness leads the way with our outstanding home fitness service, and we can handle all your commercial fitness service needs as well.

We sell and service some of the top brands in fitness equipment such as True Fitness, Life Fitness, Octane Fitness, BodyCraft, Vision and more.  Durst Cycle & Fitness has installed equipment for many commercial clients including full fitness gyms like the one pictured at left, as well as college housing, hotels, clinics, rehab centers, apartment complexes and smaller private training studios.

As with home fitness, Durst Cycle & Fitness services everything we sell in commercial fitness too.  We are frequently asked to diagnose equipment we did not sell, and that is fine with us.  If we can fix it...we fix it.

For commercial fitness service contact our stores to schedule a service call.  Our factory-trained technicians will diagnose the problem, order parts if needed, and have your fitness equipment up and running quickly.

Durst Cycle & Fitness also offers commercial fitness contracts for scheduled preventive service.  Contact our fitness service manager, James for a quote by email or call us 217-352-3300