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Bicycle Delivery & Setup

BOXED BICYCLE   vita sport disc eq

Bicycles are shipped from the supplier to Durst Cycle & Fitness (or any IBD) partially assembled and secured in a carton (see upper left).  Going from a boxed bike to a professionally assembled precision machine, like the one pictured above right, takes training and experience.  Durst Cycle & Fitness has both.

Our trained technicians carefully unpack every bicycle we sell, inspect the bike and make sure any factory installed parts are installed correctly, then properly assemble the bicycle.  When assembly is complete we fine-tune all adjustments and prepare the bicycle for display.  Once the bicycle is sold, we adjust the fit to the customer and give the bike a final inspection to make certain it is ready for use.

Durst Cycle & Fitness also offers delivery and pick up services.  We can delivery your new bicycle to your house or office, and also pick up your bike and bring it to one of our stores should it ever need service when you can't otherwise bring it to us. For repair pick up call the store closest to you for pricing and to schedule the service.

Fitness Equipment Delivery & Setup

fitness equipment assembly

Most fitness equipment items arrive in much larger cartons than the ones used to ship bicycles.  We often use our fork truck to unload the equipment from semi trailers and then move them into our store.

Though the boxes are bigger and the assembly required different than that for bicycles, each fitness equipment piece receives the same care and attention when being prepared for its new owner.  We carefully unload them from the truck, unpack each piece then expertly assembly every treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, rower, strength gym, lateral trainer and vibration platform so our customers can be assured they are getting more than they paid for.  Fitness equipment from Durst Cycle & Fitness is sold correctly assembled and ready to use.  But, we don't stop there.

Durst Cycle & Fitness also offers delivery of your new fitness equipment.  We bring the gym to your door...and beyond.  We do not hire outside crews or "delivery companies" to deliver fitness equipment.  All our deliveries are performed by our trained people.  Our factory trained service technicians are part of that delivery force to make certain your new fitness equipment performs the way is should once it is in your home or office.

Delivery fees vary based on distance and the time required to perform the task correctly.  Delivery can be scheduled at the time of purchase.  When more convenient, delivery can be scheduled at a later date once you have decided in which room your new item will be located, and you have had time to check your schedule.  We work to make your life easier.

An additional service we offer is moving fitness equipment.  Our staff is so good at assembly and delivery of fitness equipment, we are often asked to move equipment.  Sometimes from one house to another, and sometimes from one room to another.  When you find you need a piece of fitness equipment moved, don't hesitate to give us a call.  Durst Cycle & Fitness is here to help.