Schwinn Girl's Roadster

Schwinn Girl's Roadster
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Big wheel style and pure, unadulterated fun are what Schwinn's Roadster is all about. This sweet tricycle features a low center of gravity to keep the wobbles at bay, smooth-rolling pneumatic tires, a bucket seat and moustache handlebars with streamers, all designed to keep your little one the talk of the neighborhood.

Inside the Schwinn factory in the 1890's.
For over a hundred years, Schwinn has been a leader in the bicycle industry, producing some of the best-known and best-loved bicycles of all time, including the Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray and Homegrown, to name just a few.

Schwinn was founded in 1895, and its first bicycles were so popular they dominated the early 1900’s racing scene. In 1899, Charles "Mile-a-Minute" Murphy rode a Schwinn when he became the first person in history to reach 60mph drafting behind a locomotive. Then, in 1941 Al LeTourner set a speed record on his Schwinn of 108.92mph!

In 1934 Schwinn's Aerocycle hit the streets rescuing a declining bicycle market. Styled to resemble the streamlined automobiles and airplanes of the day, it sported cushy balloon tires and deluxe features, such as a sprung leather seat, tank, fenders and built-in light and horn. Recently recognized by the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame as being one of the keys to the birth of mountain bikes, this landmark Schwinn also directly led to a boom in deluxe cruisers in the 1930s to 1950s that kept the country on two-wheelers. Interestingly, cruisers are as popular now as they were then.

Similarly, Schwinn's Sting-Ray, the high-rise handlebar and banana-seat icon of the 1960's, and their Varsity 10-speed, which became a best-seller during the bike boom of the 1970's, helped launch the popularity of road bikes. And, in the 1990s Schwinn was still setting trends with their Homegrown mountain bikes.

Today, Schwinn continues to produce innovative, cutting-edge designs as they enter their second century. And remember, to own a Schwinn is to own a piece of history!