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Octane Fitness PRO3700 Commercial Elliptical

Octane Fitness PRO3700 Commercial Elliptical
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Pro3700—Exceptional club platform

The Pro3700 elliptical features Octane’s unprecedented Converging Path handlebars, which are ergonomically designed to deliver the most effective, comfortable workouts. Combined with the patented MultiGrip handlebars and convenient fingertip controls on the moving handlebars, this is undeniably upper-body at its best.

The lower body on the Pro3700 can be adjusted to a stride length of either 20.5” or 24” to accommodate the majority of health club members. Soft grip pedals and even closer pedal spacing at 1.8” optimize comfort.

New customizable interval programs add motivation and challenge for users – from beginners to elite athletes – and convenience for trainers. The 30:30 interval workout, designed by the experts at Athlete’s Performance, offers an aerobic and anaerobic challenge so exercisers can train like the pros do.

All the latest from Octane Fitness – the Pro3700 gives clubs yet another supreme way to fuel their business.

Side steps - optional accessory on commercial standing ellipticals so exercisers can choose to concentrate solely on the upper body during workouts.  Simply by stepping onto the stationary platforms, individuals can safely take their legs out of the action for a short time and emphasize their chest, back, shoulders and arms.
side steps
Isolating the upper-body muscles can result in greater conditioning, and the side steps deliver new options to vary workouts, stimulate better cross training and enhance results.  With side steps, exercisers can fully capitalize on Octane's popular ArmBlaster program or develop their own upper-body routine.

The new CROSS CIRCUIT elliptical kit is the only cardio equipment available today that offers both a cardio and strength workout in one location!  Uniquely combines strength and cardio intervals for individual workouts, or instructor led one-on-one, small group or class sessions.

cross circuit


Stride (inches) 24" & 20.5"
Pedal Spacing (inches) Close Pedal spacing & Low step-up height
Upper Body Bars MultiGrip, Converging, 1 time adjustable start/stop handlebars
Data/Metrics Watts or METs
Heart-Rate Monitoring Yes
Workload Range 30 Resistance levels
Frame Welded Heavy-Gauge Steel
Machine Dimensions (inches) 31" x 71" 79 cm x 180 cm
Weight (pounds) 320 lbs 145 kg
Max User Weight (pounds) 400 lbs 181kg
Power Source 120 volts*

* Subject to change without notice.